Sustainable responsibility

We are committed within the future of our planet and humanity through good practices of sustainability and social actions. For this reason, we often make improvements in our production to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, we develop actions, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, supported by our employees and local communities, such as water collection and reuse systems, exhaust system for treatment of pollutants, composting system, reduction and proper disposal of waste, social action with the community, among others.

Copper, material for a modern world

Copper, a metal of the future.

An essential metal for life since the beginning of the civilization. Copper played a critical role in the sustainable development of society over the past centuries.

After extracted from the chalcopyrite, copper never disappears. Copper is one of the few materials that can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of performance.

Currently, around 35 percent of the copper consumed per year comes from the recycling of “old” scrap copper (copper contained in end-of-life products) and “new” scrap copper (generated during production and downstream manufacturing process).

We are constantly investing in new technologies to produce the best copper recycled, reducing losses during manufacturing process and assuring optimal performance of the metal, producing a high quality material.

Copper, Investing in our Planet’s Future.

Copper, Infinitely Recycable

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