Raw material

All classifications detailed below are in accordance with the (NARI) norms for recycled materials, adapted to Brazilian conditions. The prices included in this list are for goods within our factory and are subject to alterations at anytime, without prior notice.


Cables, thick wires, flat bars, non-alloy trolley wire, clean and red. All material must have at least 1.65 mm density and be entirely red.

1st Category
All materials as described above, being clean oxidized and having minimum density of 1.65 mm. Wires insulated with paper – cotton – silk – thick stamped with density above 1.65 mm. Enameled wires above 1.65 mm without tinned ends (insulation discounted). Stamped measuring 1.65 mm.
2nd Category
3rd Category
4th Category


Comprising 70% second rate copper and 30% third rate copper. If the lot comprises a higher grade of copper, this will be paid separately and vice versa. If it contains more than 30% of third rate copper this will be paid as third rate.


1st Category

Composed of stamped sliver, cleaned ends of brass cylinders. Small stampings are admissable if completely clean.

2nd Category
Billet Ends
Brass Chip
Heavy brass scrap
Light brass scrap


1st Category

Large or small stamped metal clean and free of any impurity in alloys 95-90-85-80.

2nd Category


1st Category
Trolley wire with tin, phosphorous bronze stamped metal, screens with a minimum of 5% tin or bronze without aluminum bronze inserts and without TM-23.
2nd Category
Malleable lead scrap
Lead Scrap
Zinc Scrap
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